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Financial Process

CombOver has teamed up with Hearth Financial to offer the best options in financing your next remodeling project. You can go to the link, apply for your loan, and 13 different banks will compete for your business. CombOver prides itself on not making $1 on the financing side of your project.

Teaming with Hearth Financing

Hearth Financing will do a soft pull of your credit, and within an hour you should have multiple offers for your financing needs. Being a member of Hearth Financing has made it very convenient for our customers to find a loan that best suits your family’s needs.

If it needs to be fixed and isn’t, problems can get much bigger. Often times when a problem is noticed, it has been happening for a while un-noticed. Addressing problems as soon as they are discovered will always be the less expensive fix than waiting and having a bigger problem. Often times even with the financing charges, you are saving money in the long run.

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“They have done roof repair jobs on both our home and business. Highly recommend Combover for any job you need done. Very professional, always on time and competitive prices.”
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